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Our firms lawyers are bi-lingual ( spanish, english, french and german ) and experienced in business, corporate, and investment matters. The goal of our law firm is to provide cost-effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment to servi

Licda. Brigitte I. Stuckmann:

Attorney at law

Translation services (English, German, Spanish).

Master's degree and studies in civil procedure law.

Master's degree and studies in real estate law.

Lic. Brigitte Stuckmann is member of the Dominican Bar Association.

Official mediator (árbitro) of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

of Puerto Plata.

We have made it our mission to take over your problems, to advise you and always stand by your side in order to safeguard your rights in the Dominican Republic. We enforce your claims with consistency and determination. Through our specialization in in all legal matters of the Dominican Republic, you will receive competent advice and individual support. In particular, it is our main effort to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation, as far as possible. We represent your interests and not those of others. Your concerns are safe with us. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to a personal contact with you.


In addition to our specialization in most areas of the law, we owe our extremely great success to the establishment of our Internet office. We can represent you nationwide; whether in court or out of court. Get in contact with us; we help you defend your rights! Just tell us your problem and we'll give you an initial estimate and tell you transparently what the costs will be.



Our law office is specialized in obtaining legal residency status for foreigners who spend more time or reside permanently in the Dominican Republic. We supervise and organize the whole process, from the application until the final emission of the Residencia. All appointments at the immigration office in Santo Domingo are organized by us.



The establishment of a company in the Dominican Republic takes about 8 weeks and is registered with your chosen name. The process is very simple: we prepare the company constitution and submit all legal documents to the responsible authorities. You can arrange the foundation conveniently from your desk at home! As soon as we receive the confirmation from the authorities, we will send you the data by e-mail and prepare the corporatin folder with all original documents.


Foreign investors can acquire unlimited property in the Dominican Republic. Property can be registered under your personal name or on behalf of a Dominican company. A residence permit (Residencia) is not required for the acquisition of property. We provide you with legal assistance throughout the whole process: from the purchase contract up until the registration at the land registry office. The risk of buying a property is very low if you hire a serious lawyer and, if necessary, a reliable surveyor.




Under Dominican law, spouses can regulate the terms and conditions prior to their marriage. The premarital agreement concerns division of property, spousal support, and other legal matters in the event of a divorce. Our law firm specializes in marital contracts under Dominican law and you will receive expert advice based on our practical experience.



The online process is suitable for consensual divorces and legal mandates from abroad. The divorce process is fast and uncomplicated. If personal matters like distribution of marital assets, spousal support, or legal custody, are to be clarified, we strongly recommend an initial consultation (per telephone conference or personal appointment at our office). We also carry out divorces in cases of spousal incompatibility. We have years of experience and offer you legal advice with the highest level of expertise.

We speak english, german and spanish

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